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The malaise of corruption has seeped through every pore of India's socio-economic, political and bureaucratic fabric so much that the Indian citizenry had started accepting it as a way of life! Rajiv Gandhi, ex-Prime Minister of India, once said that only 15% of the funds that is sanctioned by the government for social-development programs, actually reach the people, for whom it was meant. And this deadly virus(corruption) has also started to claim lives of honest officers like Dubey and Manjunath to name just two.
Feeling a need to root it out ,AID has been actively promoting ECAAL(Eliminate Corruption At All Levels) through its Zero-Rupee note for many years now and set-up an Anti Corruption Fund(ACF) in 2006 to support programs targetted at making government accountable for its expenditure on public works

More importantly, a decade long struggle of our project partners like MKSS,Parivartan,APVUU among others resulted in the Indian government legislating two landmark Acts in 2005 - the Right to Information Act (RTI) and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).These two Acts when properly implemented and used in conjunction with each other have the potential to eliminate corruption at all levels on the one hand, and ensure food security for the poorest sections of the society, on the other

AID sees the issue of corruption and food security to be central to the realization of the right of the most marginalized communities to live a life of dignity and our challenge is to make sure these two powerful acts are implemented properly in their right forms and spirit. Thus the main focus of the ACF is to support programs where Right to Information is used at grassroots level to ensure that NREGA and other schemes meant for welfare of the poor indeed reach the poor.

Several AID volunteers have already committed their time and energy to this. This is a long drawn-out battle and we need a lot of volunteer and financial support to ensure that these efforts are sustained over a long period of time

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